Whatever drives you or your company: we are happy to support you holistically, with advice and action, from start to finish. Datentreiber is your partner on the way to a data-driven company.

We drive your business forward.

Your Path to a Data-Driven Company


2-6 days

Business potential


Analytical maturity

Data strategy

Phase 1:
With workshops to an individual and successful data strategy

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3-6 months

Data Exploration & Conception

Prototypen-Design & Test

Implementation & Introduction

Data driven business models

Phase 2:
Efficient and effective consulting for business models driven by data

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2-6 days

Data Strategy & Culture

Data Design Thinking

Data Business Consulting

Data driven company

Phase 3:
With practical and interactive seminars on the data driven company

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We drive your business forward.
We drive your business forward.

Our Method: Data Strategy Design

Using the visual innovation method of data strategy design:

  • explore your data landscape,
  • identify relevant applications and
  • Develop a plan to increase your analytical maturity level.

Learn how numerous well-known companies are already successfully using this method to generate more value from their data:

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We drive your business forward.

Contents of a Successful Data Strategy


  • Business models & processes: what can we optimize and what do we need to fundamentally change?
  • Use cases: concretized as user or customer problem, analytical solution and economic benefit
  • Potential projects: prioritized according to estimated costs, financial benefits and legal, technical as well as economic risks.


  • Customer & business processes: goal-oriented and consistent KPI models as well as KPIs for measuring the achievement of goals
  • Project roadmap: which analytical solution is implemented by whom, in what order, and by when?
  • Resource requirements: people & skills, service providers & product suppliers, etc.


  • Data landscape: required vs. available data sources organized by created, received, paid, and public data
  • Data management: data protection vs. data quality, data security vs. data availability
  • Analytics maturity: required vs. existing analytics tools sorted by complexity (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive).
We drive your business forward.

Our Strengths. Your Advantages.

To navigate a complex world, you need interconnected knowledge. Datentreiber serves as the intersection between business, analytics, and IT. We combine entrepreneurial action with analytical thinking and creative implementation. We provide industry-agnostic and independent consulting services. You benefit from our extensive experience gained through numerous client projects.

We drive your business forward.


We drive your business forward.

Your First Step to a Data-Driven Company

“The longest journey begins with the first step.” (Laozi)

Our first joint step: a Data Strategy Workshop to jointly discover and evaluate data-driven business potential. Contact us for a non-binding discussion and individual offer.

We drive your business forward.

General Terms and Conditions of Business

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We drive your business forward.